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Cruise Ship Sinking
Norwegian Dawn Damaged by Waves April 16, 2005

70 Foot Wave Attacks Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Dawn Cause Passengers Rush to Muster Stations

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Norwegian Dawn Damaged by Waves April 16, 2005

70 Foot Wave Attacks Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Dawn Cause Passengers Rush to Muster Stations

Passengers began to see their lives flash before them, after a 70-foot-high rogue wave slammed into the Norwegian Dawn off the coast of South Carolina on April 16, 2005

Life jackets were passed out, and passengers rushed to their muster stations not sure if they would be going down with the ship.

The ship was on the way back to New York, after a trip to the Bahamas, when the weather turned nasty. The ship was slammed by a massive 70 foot wave. Passengers said cabins up to the 10th floor were soaked as well.

Passengers with cabins that were ruined were flown home after the ship docked in Charleston harbor to have the ship inspected. It was reported that over 60 cabins were flooded, windows were broken out, and debris was on the floor after water carried passenger belongings and room furnishings beyond their normal places.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board subsequently ruled that while the rough weather made the voyage unpleasant, "the safety and integrity of the ship was in no way compromised." The NTSB called it "an unavoidable encounter with severe weather and heavy seas."

A class action $100-million lawsuit was filed, on behalf of all injured passengers. U.S. District Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga says it is not appropriate for class-action status.

In a 20-page decision , Altonaga said that not all passengers suffered equally in the incident, and many suffered no injury at all.

Passengers claimed Norwegian Dawn sailed into a heavy storm to keep an appointment to appear in the TV show The Apprentice. Cruise Line admitted the ship's return had been pushed up a week before departure -- from 10 a.m. Sunday to 5 a.m. so they could meet the deadline for the television show.

Some passengers claim that had the company done the right thing, they would have avoided the storm altogether, to protect the passengers, crew and the ship. Instead, in order to make the deadline, they had to take a route that was sure to be dangerous.

It is worthy to note that NOAA had published the severity of this storm and the track at least 3 days prior to the incident, yet Norwegian Dawn plowed right on through the area enroute to the million dollar show, The Apprentice.

Norwegian cruise line is said to have paid $1 Million to have the ship shown on the show The Apprentice, and lost that money when they were unable to make the deadline.

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